Ordering Terms

1) Unacceptable orders, cancellation of orders

You cannot cancel your order after the order is submit. However, in case of any technical errors, impractical information regarding your account or delivery, unfeasibility of the model, the infringing feature of your model, or other causes preventing Treebuild from accepting or canceling your order prior to the fulfillment of the entire ordering process. We will inform and issue you store credit or a full refund for the cancelled item(s).

2) Payment and price

The prices displayed on the Website are only indications and are valid only for the moment that they are displayed. Treebuild reserves the right to change any prices without prior notice. Such change however will have no effect on orders completed before the new price was post. However, should any error occur, We are not bound by our offer and may cancel the order and any payment related to that order will be refunded to you.
The price quoted on the Website includes the price for materials used in production, the fee for services, shipping costs, sales tax (if applicable) but excludes any import duty or taxes (if applicable). If you do not pay in the available currency, the currency conversion will be handled by our payment service provider.

We shall not be responsible in any way for the payment process done via the PayPal.com website. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of use of those services of PayPal.

We will not perform the Services until we received confirmation either via PayPal that the transfer of the amount indicated in the order confirmation form has been completed or the funds arrive on our bank account.

3) Shipping

Your order will be delivered to your shipping address. We will use our commercially reasonable efforts to ship the model to the shipping address within the delivery time indicated in our confirmation email nevertheless depending on your shipping address it may take longer time. Any shipping and delivery dates given by us are only best estimates and We are not liable for any damage or cost caused by delay in shipping or delivery. Title and risk of loss is transferred to you upon transfer of the goods from Treebuild to the shipment carrier (FOB Shipping Point, EX Works).