• 3D Medical Imaging Library
    3D Interactive Medical Imaging Visualization
    We transform 2D images from CT or MRI into 3D and visualize it on web browser. User can interact with the 3D objects like, click to see detail on the piece of skull or etc. And group user like medical students and teacher group can discuss on each object real-time.
  • 3D Geographic Visualization
    3D Interactive Geographic Visualization
    We process geospatial data sets and images and convert those numerics and raw data into 3D on the web.
  • 3D Geographic Visualization
    3D Interactive Urban Planning Visualization
    Online Interactive 3D urban planning visualizer which you can interect with 3D objects to see details of each building, land, etc. And also able to do collabolative planing with your team on the web.
  • 3D Product Visualizer and Customizer
    3D Interactive Product Visualizer and Customizer
    Online Interactive 3D product visualizer and customizer can give your customer new experience with 360º view. Users also able to customize the product in real-time on the web and able to purchase the product with e-commerce integration.


  • Easter Egg
    Easter Egg
    Boost your special Easter with the 3D printable Easter egg of your design.
    Easily create, store, and 3D print your 8-bit designs with LUBAS. Let's get started!
  • 2D to 3D
    2D to 3D
    Transform and let your 2D design flourish in the 3D world with to 3D. Now with special editor for your personalized text! Stay tuned!