• Easter Egg
    Easter Egg
    Boost your special Easter with the 3D printable Easter egg of your design.
    Easily create, store, and 3D print your 8-bit designs with LUBAS. Let's get started!


  • Hassadee Pimsuwan
    Hassadee Pimsuwan
    Founder & CEO
    Hassadee is a Web3D Developer who have experiences in 3D on the web, web programming and E-commerce for many years. He was graduated in Information Technology with First-class honours in 2011. He also was nominated for the Best International Cooperative Student of Thailand 2012, and Best Poster award from Web3D Conference in Los Angeles 2012. He is highly passionate about Web3D technologies, 3D Printing, and business ecosystem management.
  • Kasidit Iamthong
    Kasidit Iamthong
    Full-stack Developer
    Kasidit, a developer who love to tackle new frontiers of challenges. His programming career began as early his years in primary school. With a strong believe that programming skills are what will drive the world forward, he continuously dive in top ranked competitions, and earning a long list of awards; Silver Medal from 6th Thailand Olympiad Informatics in 2011, a Bronze Medal in the same competition during 2010, Bronze Medal in the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists 2013, and the list goes on.
  • Pathawi Saowakunphinyo
    Pathawi Saowakunphinyo
    Hardware Engineer
    Pathawi graduated from Computer Engineering school. He love to code and work with machines like a maker. He has passion in building automate intelligent systems and robotics. He love all the machines.
  • Natapon Pongpaew
    Natapon Pongpaew
    Lead Enterprise Engineer
    Natapon is graduated in Management Information System, the same school as Hassadee. He is highly passionate in business development and has experices in enterprise companies for many years both in Japan and Thailand. He is specialied in enterprise software solution, inventory and logistic management software, and also hotel and stock inventory solution software.


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